Back at Dealer Support Live in November 2019, Simon Drakeford, our CEO and BOSS chairman, hosted a dealer panel to discuss emerging growth strategies and dealer visions for 2020. The dealer panel and audience discussed the direction of the industry,

After a long-awaited Summer which saw a peak in business confidence and even nurtured some of the green shoots of UK economic recovery, news of a second lockdown hit our industry and many others hard. Recently, we hosted another Food

During the Covid pandemic, we launched an in-depth research programme to try and continually assess the impact of the crisis on both our industry and the wider economy. With the aim of supporting dealers to survive this crisis, we've now published the

The Covid crisis has been a major driving force for change in our industry and beyond. Whilst fighting for survival, we have all been forced to become more agile than ever before, adapt quickly and embrace new ways of thinking.

Last Thursday marked the last in a series of webinars aimed at supporting dealers through what’s likely to be remembered as one of this century’s most unprecedented crises.Having previously discussed predictions, preparations, product trends and the macroeconomic forecast, EO Group

The long-awaited reopening of England’s businesses is a relief. But, with it comes a need for strict compliance with never-before-seen health and safety rules.BOSS Federation recently hosted a webinar looking at how businesses are becoming COVID secure. This was the

No industry has been left unscathed by the COVID pandemic, least of all the office supplies industry. Major changes in our sector have prompted questions about how our entire supply chain will have to change to efficiently operate in the

Recently, BOSS Federation held a webinar featuring Dr Eliza Filby, Generation Expert & Historian of Contemporary Values.Drawing on insights gained from multiple industries and clients, Eliza spoke about COVID-19’s impact on the structure of working lives and offices, potential opportunities