Enterprise Functions

  • Multi Brand Management
  • Multiple Organisations, Websites & Stores
  • Franchisee Options
  • Internationalisation
  • Marketplace Integrations

Commerce Manager

  • Full Order & Quotation Management
  • Multiple Basket & Custom Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Approval Workflows
  • B2B Corporate Management (Cost Centres, Core Lists, Purchasers, Approvers)
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Personalised B2B Catalogue Management

Experience Manager

  • Merchandising Tools
  • Personalisation & Segmentation Tools (STP)
  • Audience Targeting & Live Data Capture
  • Faceted Searing using Elastic Search
  • Cross Sell & Predictive Upsell Mechanics
  • Multilayered Pricing & Promotional Tools
  • Contract Pricing

Marketing Suite

  • CMS & Store Branding Controls
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Management
  • Digital Marketing Integrations (Affiliate, Google, Bing)

Sales & CRM Manager

  • Predictive CRM Actions & Alerts
  • Sales Rep Management (Commission Structures & Contact Strategies)
  • Sales Team Targeted & Budget Setting
  • Customer Allocations
  • Contact Strategies
  • Customer Fairshare & Gap Analysis
  • Triggered Email Marketing Tools

Customer Service Centre

  • Customer Service Enablement
  • Supplier Integrated RMA/EGA Management
  • Flexible Workflow Engine
  • CSAT & NPS Measurement

Procurement & Logistic Manager

  • Drop Shipping & Pick ‘n’ Wrap Delivery Options
  • Delivery & Returns Management
  • Full Supplier FTP & HTTPS Integrations
  • Stock Feed Integrations
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Management

Invoicing & Credit Manager

  • Fraud & Credit Limit Management
  • Credit Applications
  • Credit Control Management
  • Multiple Invoice Types (inc. Consolidation)
  • Flexible B2B Invoicing & Statement Options
  • Credit Notes & Good Will Credit Management
  • Accounting Service API’s
  • Purchase Invoice Management

Analytics & Reporting

  • Reporting & Gap Analysis Tools
  • Heads-up Display Dashboards
  • SSRS Reporting
  • Industry Benchmarking Tools
  • GA Integration
  • Power BI Dashboards

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