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Your branded, maintained and feature-rich website will strengthen relationships with your customers online. Ensure your business looks good wherever or whenever your customers want to interact with you. We provide you with a bespoke, fully branded, mobile-friendly and search engine optimised transactional website. New customers will effortlessly find you online and enjoy a smooth fast shopping experience built using cutting edge technology and designed specifically for the office products buyer.

What are the benefits?


Customer-centric design and performance

Your bespoke website will combine power with simplicity. Built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is completely secure, accessible at any time on any device and has a superior feature set, ensuring outstanding customer experience. Our in-house software engineers and web designers continuously deploy improvements based on analytics measuring your customers' buying behaviour.


Enhanced brand identity

Your brand is the heart and soul of your company which facilitates the conversation between you and your customers and sets you apart from your competition. Your website will give you a credible and fully functional online presence, a platform from which to communicate everything you do and everything you stand for. It’s the place where you can tell your story, engage with your customers and turn them into followers and your loyal advocates.


Superior personalisation

Strengthen customer loyalty with personalised customer experiences. Target individual customers or segments with custom promotions, offer customer-specific pricing, easily configure large customers with complex structures to enable them to control costs, or even segment your delivery charges. Because we build all our technology in-house, we continuously introduce new features that will help you better target your customers with the right messages at the right time.

What are the key features?

Enhance your brand with a flexible, fully customisable online customer experience

Ensure your customers have a great experience wherever and on any device

Improve conversions and encourage website visitors to engage deeper and more often

Increase sales by ensuring your customers can easily find what they want

Make it easy for your customers to reach out and get full visibility of all communications

Strengthen customer retention through branded personalisation for each of your individual customers

Give your customers full visibility of order fulfilment – ensuring greater confidence and control

Make it easy to make repeat purchases, driving loyalty and average order size

Give your customers full control and visibility of their ledger eliminating financial stresses and payment confusions

Easily enable customers to find compatible cartridges and save their printers for easy reorder

Quotes easily accessible by your customers directly from their online account

Improve your website ranking on search engines and drive new customers to your website through your optimised site

Target specific customers and segments with personalised offers, promotions and messaging to maximise ROI

Keep your website relevant and up-to-date with the right content at all times

Enable your customers to control costs by setting up cost centres, core lists and approver workflows

Find out more about our dealer partner websites

We provide our partners with a bespoke, fully branded, mobile-friendly and search engine optimised transactional website. Watch this video to find out how we help our dealer partners strengthen their brand and the relationships with their customers online.

We now have a website that we couldn’t possibly have afforded ourselves

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