Your website, your way

Grow your business with a B2B eCommerce store

Enhance your website to better promote your brand and help you personalise your customer shopping experiences to drive loyalty. Your feature-rich website is underpinned by a powerful built-in content management system that gives you complete control and flexibility. Easily customise and personalise design and pricing, showcase any products from any suppliers, manage payments, delivery options and reordering, set-up complex customer accounts and give your customers a smooth and seamless experience through every digital touch point.

Customer-centric design and performance

Your bespoke website will combine power with simplicity. Built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is completely secure, accessible at any time on any device and has a superior feature set, ensuring outstanding customer experience. Our in-house software engineers and web designers continuously deploy improvements based on detailed web analytics measuring millions of user data points.

Advanced search functionality

Ink & toner finder

Customer query tools

Easy to order quotes

Invoices & statements

Live order tracking

Mobile optimisation

Favourites & past purchases

Data-powered site navigation

Dedicated ‘My Account’ section

Enhanced brand identity

Your brand is the heart and soul of your company and is a key part of the relationship between your business and your customers; it needs to set you apart from your competition. Your Office Power website will give you a credible and fully functional online presence, a platform from which to communicate everything you do and everything you stand for. It’s the place where you can tell your story, engage with your customers and turn them into loyal advocates.

Content management

Merchandising tools

Catalogue customisation

Website customisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Consistent brand identity

Superior personalisation

Strengthen customer loyalty with personalised customer experiences. Target individual customers or segments with custom promotions, offer customer-specific pricing, easily configure large customers with complex structures to enable them to control costs, or even segment your delivery charges. Our dynamic segmentation functionality means customers move automatically in and out of ‘Audiences’ as their behaviour changes, enabling you to efficiently and consistently target your customers with the right messages at the right time.

Automated personalisation

Offer and message personalisation

Targeted promotions

Delivery charge segmentation

Core lists & approver workflows

Customer segmentation & targeting

Personalised pricing

Customer-branded content

Complex cost-centre functionality

Choose a plan that works best for your business

We offer a highly flexible solution, with service plans that can be tailored to your business and specific needs.

Choose feature lite start-up services, enabling a lighter resource model.


Define and configure the services that suit the specifics of your business.


Supercharge your business with the full suite of profitability and operational services.

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    I would recommend Office Power to any dealer who wants to achieve growth and profitability


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    Office Power enjoy growing our brand as much as we do


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    Really great support in the most difficult time ever


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