Recently, BOSS Federation held a webinar featuring Dr Eliza Filby, Generation Expert & Historian of Contemporary Values. Drawing on insights gained from multiple industries and clients, Eliza spoke about COVID-19’s impact on the structure of working lives and offices, potential opportunities

It’s fair to say that before Covid-19, cyber security probably wasn’t the biggest concern for most dealers in the Office Supplies Industry. However, just as with many other industries and sectors nationwide, the pandemic has forced businesses to introduce new working practices

Recently an economist stated his concern that some businesses were ‘sleepwalking off a cliff’ and not enough planning is being done to ensure business survival post-furloughing. Planning in a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex & Ambiguous) environment is incredibly challenging and so

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, demand for PPE has sky-rocketed and sourcing the right products has become the new gold rush in our industry. Face masks and hand sanitisers have suddenly become the new most sought-after commodity. Our dealer partners, as

Recently, Simon Drakeford CEO of Office Power and Adrian Butler, Managing Director of VOW Wholesale discussed their experience of recent months, how they’re viewing the big changes in our industry and the effect COVID has had on the sourcing, supply