How to make yourself and your business more productive

Sometimes, the problems hindering productivity can be sorted not with large investment, but with a combination of technology and smart thinking. Here are a few ideas on how you can take a step back and find out what can be done better.

Keep your Customers

Never forget your existing customers in the pursuit of new business. Loyal clients can be your best source of referrals as well as repeat orders.

Noise reduction

Office workers can lose nearly an hour and a half a day due to distractions. So why not introduce head phone hour when staff can listen to music while they work if they don’t need to be on the phone.

Tap into the senses

Light and smell can also affect motivation. The impact of scents placed around the office or improving the lighting could unlock new levels of productivity. You could also try bringing a little nature into the environment; plants aid concentration, increase wellbeing, and remove contaminants.


When it comes to productivity, many small business owners express that they spend far too long performing menial tasks that bear little or no relation to the essence of the service that the organisation actually offers.

We all have core competencies we should focus on. These are the various expertise we bring to the table that really add value. Everything else may benefit from being outsourced. Hiring skilled professionals for specific tasks will free up your time and enable you to concentrate on your competencies – growing and developing your business.

Check Procedures

Consider the everyday processes used in the business that aren’t automated. Then think about whether it would be easier to shift them into electronic form. For example, automating invoices.

Good relations

Happy employees have a much stronger productivity than stressed unhappy ones. Make an effort to talk to staff every day and identify any widespread problems in the workforce.

Hold regular progress meetings. Staff members are more likely to achieve their full potential if they feel their manager is on the ball and knows what they’re doing. Regular meetings can be an excellent way of achieving this.

Join Forces

By working with an industry partner, you might find you can become more productive. From having access to the right tools and resources and industry knowledge can be a real benefit. It can help you feel more supported and help your business to be more strategic.

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