Catalyst for Change Dealer Growth Summit 2023

Gearing up for the first Office Power Growth Summit – By Mark Heath

As we approach the first of our Office Power Growth Summits, my ambition not just for the summit but for the outcome of the summit has grown immeasurably. I hope for the Dealers everywhere, attending or not, that this event could be a catalyst for change and growth in our industry.

Why do I keep banging on about growth?

Growth is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. In a landscape that’s constantly evolving, standing still is not an option.

Strategic Agility: In a market characterised by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences, growth provides the strategic agility needed to adapt. It enables businesses to pivot effectively, seize new opportunities, and mitigate risks.

Sustainability: Growth isn’t just about today; it’s about ensuring long-term viability. A growing business can invest more in human capital and infrastructure, creating a virtuous cycle that prepares it for future challenges.

Competitiveness: As businesses expand, they often look beyond their core markets. Growth equips you with the resources and capabilities to compete on a bigger stage, opening doors to new markets and customer segments.
Innovation: Growth and innovation are symbiotic. The financial leeway that comes with growth allows for investment in innovation, which in turn fuels further growth. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement that CEOs should strive to enter.

The summit itself – What are you missing?

Guest Speaker

We are honoured to have Steve Haworth, ex-CEO of EVO, as our guest speaker. Steve’s unparalleled insights into every facet of our supply chain promise to set the stage for a day of deep learning and forward-thinking.

Roundtable Discussions

Post Steve’s session, we will break into roundtable discussions led by industry leaders. These discussions will focus on key growth areas:

  • Diversification – The Silver Bullet?
  • Technology – Efficiency or Albatross?
  • Sustainability – Friend or Foe?

I have a couple of spaces remaining if you want to join us for this transformative event.
The Dealer Growth Summit takes place in Manchester on the 27th of September.

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