Unlock your full commercial potential

commercial support

Full commercial support

Our expert commercial teams, analysts and account managers will work with you to help you analyse customer purchasing behaviour, identify gaps, build marketing and contact strategies and grow sales and Gross Margin. Paired with our state of the art technology and bespoke CRM tools, we have proven track record of driving key business KPI’s and trading strategies across our entire dealer network.

What are the benefits?

Trading potential

Reach your full trading potential

Our executive team will spend time with you to get to know the ins and outs of your business. They will invest time understanding your challenges and goals, working with you to build strategic trading and customer acquisition plans. Working with our technology and teams of experts helps to unlock potential, opening up new channels and new customers, whilst also focusing on optimising your current customer base using gap analysis.

financial stragegy

Maximise your financial performance

Our highly skilled finance team will assist you in developing and delivering on your financial plans. We will support you with tendering for new business, analysing commercial opportunities, developing financial plans, cash flow management, full ledger management, credit applications and more, providing you with accurate customer and financial data at all times. We also ensure that you have no risk of bad debt, so you are in full control of your finances.


Build a highly competitive category strategy

Initially stocking over 30,000 SKU’s to meet the demands of your customers, our category team is here to work with you and all suppliers to give you the best range, competitive cost prices and decrease supplier risks. In addition to the core range, we will support your customer specific products and those one-off unique purchases that your customers sometimes require. To place you above and beyond your competition, you also have the ability to configure and work with any supplier you want.

What are the Key features?

Unlock new opportunities in your business using your new extended trading and commercial analyst teams

Gain insight that can help shape your business for the future, whether that's to drive growth or to line-up a future sale

Get access to a full team of experienced buyers and category managers, dedicated to negotiating competitive pricing

Build multi-layered pricing strategies to ensure you are competitive across your entire product offering

Work with our marketing experts to build local online and offline marketing strategies

Stand out from the crowd and enhance your brand with brand and creative consultancy

Work with our market leading financial team to deliver on your financial plans, budgets and cost reviews

Retain customers with bespoke customer-centric and commercial reporting

Ensure you can start a dialogue or transaction on one media and continue it across others

Our account managers are here to help you maximise sales, customer contact and pricing strategies

Ensure you have the most competitive cost price file in the industry

Take advantage of our established supplier relationships, get support with sourcing special products or add any supplier you want to your portal

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Find out in more detail what support services we provide to our dealer partners. Partnering with Office Power gives you access to dedicated commercial and operational teams who are committed to supporting your business on a day-to-day basis.

As a growth strategy for where we are as a business, Office Power blows everything else out of the water

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