Time to change

Technology: is it time to change?

Is it time to update your existing e-commerce offering?

In the e-commerce Office Supplies market, having an up-to-date technological system – both back-end and customer facing – is vital. Outdated back-end systems limit the ability to prototype, test and launch new digital offerings, whilst an old-fashioned website makes it increasingly difficult to optimise your user experience.

This will hinder your efforts to compete with modern e-commerce solutions and may even drive your customers to competitors whose websites are easier and more enjoyable to use.
In the modern-day retail arena providing a unified, connected and enhanced experience is key. It is becoming more and more important to rapidly reinforce your e-commerce capabilities, creating in-store common channel environments and expanding your customer base.

What’s changing in the technological field?

Traditionally, retailers have used technology as an enabler of table stakes features and have competed on aspects such as product assortments, price, promotions, store footprints and marketing.

However, with fast-changing consumer trends, the retailers with the best-performing technological functions come out on top. Retailers need to have a good consumer-facing front-end digital presence and state-of-the-art back-end systems to work efficiently.

In a hyperconnected market, brands must rely on well-differentiated services and solutions to create and maintain a competitive edge. In order to do so, sometimes they must forsake their legacy systems and adopt emerging technologies in order to fully embrace and execute digital strategies.

The solution to see you through

Office Power provides our dealer partners with the software, advice and e-commerce support to accelerate and nurture their growth and expansion in the online market.

The state-of-the-art technology we offer our dealer partners covers both front-facing and back-end requirements, and updates are consistently made to ensure you stay ahead in the market. Our dealer portal is a unique technological platform custom-built for the office supplies industry, giving dealer partners full control of their entire business.

As well as this, thanks to our state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website, our dealer partners benefit from an average 15% increase in order size, and a 6% gross margin increase when their customers buy online. With personalised functionalities like custom product recommendations, favourites and past purchases, our dealer partners can offer the best user experience to existing and prospective customers and keep moving with the technological times.

To find out more about how Office Power can help you, call 020 7392 3930 or email chris.armstrong@officepower.net.

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