Handbook: Breaking Bias by Quirk Solutions

Breaking Bias – How to use gaming techniques to improve plans and strategies


Chris Paton is the Managing Director of Quirk Solutions, a management consultancy specialising in supporting organisations to become more resilient, strategic and fit for the future. His approach is developed by devising clear strategies, enhancing leadership and team skills, and pressure testing or ‘gaming’ plans to ensure robust business continuity. 

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines, with a wealth of operational experience, Chris worked as an advisor to the Cabinet and National Security Council on the Afghan Strategy. 

Chris is also a Fellow of the Strategic Planning Society and has lectured at the London Business School’s Executive Education Programme. In 2010 Chris co-authored an article, ‘How the UK’s Royal Marines Plan in the Face of Uncertainty ‘, for the Harvard Business Review. And in 2018, his article on ‘Strategic Agility’ was published in Strategy Magazine. 

If anyone has the tools, experience and knowledge on how to plan during uncertain times, it’s Chris!

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Breaking Bias Quirk Solutions

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