Video Case Study

Video case study: how Discount Office Supplies have doubled their net profit

David McFarlane is the managing director of Discount Office Supplies. As many other office supplies dealers, he used to wear many different hats in his business. The financial side of the business started to take hold of him and kept him awake at night. And that’s when he decided it was time to partner with Office Power.

Since partnering with us, David feels more in control of his business. Now he is able to focus on what’s important. He has time to visit his customers and find new ones. Office Power became the extension of his team and freed up a lot of his time.

Discount Office Supplies have hit the highest sales figures they’ve ever had in a year with Office Power and his profit has doubled: “The scale and the buying power is second to none, we know that we can compete with anybody out there” – says David.

Watch David tell his story:

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