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You waste 21 days due to outdated technology

Research by Sharp has shown that office workers waste at least 21 days per year due to slow or inefficient technology. That’s longer than most people’s annual leave allowance and it’s time wasted that could be put to better use.

Slow servers can see workers waiting around for an average of 23 minutes per day for their search to return the right file. Other time-wasting technology included the printer where seven minutes per day are wasted waiting for it to warm up and nearly ten minutes wasted waiting for pages to print.

These slow pieces of office hardware are not the only issues. At Office Power, we speak to many supplies dealers who waste a lot of time on poor technology, including expensive software that doesn’t perform as it should. On average this can cost businesses up to £2,100 per employee per year. That’s huge amount of money to be losing on technology that is supposed to make you more efficient, not inefficient.

Stuart Sykes, Managing Director, Sharp UK said, “technology is supposed to make our lives easier and help us to work faster, however, in the real world, out-of-date technology and technology that is hard to use often slows people down, forcing them to waste time. This dead time can mean lost opportunities, lost profits and even lost employees. Businesses must wake up to the importance of connected technologies that work in sync with their employees’ changing needs and allow them to get the best out of their team, as well as making for a more motivated, more productive workplace.”


Sykes points out the hugely important point that technology is supposed to make us work faster, but quite often, this isn’t the result despite having paid out a lot of money for your new tools and software.

For supplies dealers, it’s important to ensure that any technology you have is able to speak fluidly to other technology so that you’re able to work in a joined up way. The best way to achieve this is by using integrated technology that comes with 24/7 support.

Here at Office Power, we empower dealers with our technology that we have built in-house. Our partners save an average of 33% of time by switching to our technology platform and e-commerce system. It allows them to manage their business effectively from one easy to use dashboard and has a built-in CRM. Making it much easier for dealers to analyse their businesses at a glance and implement their strategies immediately through this technology and dedicated support that comes with it.

Are you battling against old systems? Do you want 33% more time back to do more of the important tasks? Then our platform can help you. The Office Power e-commerce technology and support could help you be more profitable, save time and change the future success of your business for the better.

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