Video case study

Video case study: How WT Supplies regained strategic vision

Mark and Sara have been the owners of WT Supplies since 2002. Whilst pleased with how the business was doing, they were mindful that the world and industry around them were changing.

They needed a new plan and a strategic vision that would help them take the company forward and future-proof their business. Without the funds to invest into staffing, new systems and marketing expertise, they chose to partner with Office Power to help them achieve their goals.

Since partnering with Office Power, they have regained strategic focus of their business and were supported by Office Power’s team to put their strategic vision in place.

Watch the full case study video to find out how WT Supplies put in place short-term goals and an achievable long-term vision for the future of their business. 

“I’d thoroughly recommend Office Power to any dealer. The short term, long term strategies, you’re going to be massively helped with that as well as everything else. It’s been the best business decision that I have made.”  
Mark Exley, WT Supplies

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