Simon Drakeford


Hi, I’m Simon, the founder and CEO of Office Power. When I started the business, I worked very closely with office supplies dealers as a chief architect to build the platform. This hands-on approach along with years of experience in working with progressive technologies and businesses has equipped me with the right knowledge and experience for this exciting venture.
Before we partner with any of the businesses, we go through a very thorough financial analysis which ensures that the partnership is the right fit for each potential dealer partner and we can help them achieve their individual goals. As a result, I have met with and analysed a large number of office supplies businesses over the years and have a very good knowledge of the industry. I meet with all our future partners personally to understand the unique aspects of their business. Together we uncover opportunities in their business and brainstorm ideas on how we can drive the business forward.
I believe that the bespoke Office Power technology and our team really help our partners stand out. We join forces to help you build a strong brand and a prosperous business that you can be proud of. If you want to have a chat, please get in touch with me at