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The Power Portal is the only technology platform on the market that’s been custom built for office supplies dealers, with front-end and back-end fully integrated and running seamlessly as a single system. Our bespoke in-house built solution includes everything from full customer management and order processing, to financial management, multi-layered pricing and marketing tools. With real-time data and all the tools you need to run your entire business under one roof, your Dealer Portal gives you full control. Accessible from any location on any device, your Power Portal gives you the flexibility to work on the move, identifying new opportunities for growth and maximising your returns with powerful tools that are exclusive to Office Power partners.

What are the benefits?

Complete control with your Dealer Dashboard

Your Dealer Dashboard gives you an overview of your business at a glance with real-time data across all key performance indicators. An operational dashboard that graphically highlights your business performance, enabling you to quickly identify pain points as well as opportunities for growth. Using gap analysis and bespoke analytical tools, you’ll gain customer-centric insight to optimise your business.

CRM dashboard

Growth opportunities with CRM and marketing tools

Using our own technology and vast data repositories, we have developed a suite of intuitive CRM tools that allow you to identify potential growth opportunities. With both proactive and reactive tools at your disposal, you will be able to identify and predict customer behaviours, manage your sales strategy and automate you marketing campaigns. The system will help you retain and delight your most profitable customers and build on new opportunities.

Customer dashboard

Full visibility with detailed customer dashboards

Your customer dashboards provide insight on the health of each individual customer, analysing buying patterns and category mix, using benchmarked industry data from across the group to identify new opportunities to increase sales revenue and gross margin. With access to order history, quotes, customer pricing, credit terms and communication logs, the customer dashboards are a consolidated single reference point for viewing all key customer information.

Multi-layered pricing and promotional tools

Our suite of pricing and promotional tools enable you to deliver multi-layered pricing and marketing strategies, all proven to optimise margins and grow revenue. With the ability to set customer specific pricing and offers, the Dealer Portal pricing tools enable you to offer retail promotions, gifting, quotes, segmented pricing and contract pricing at customer account level.

Pricing tools

Maximise profitability with key financial tools

Completely remove the risk of bad debt with our full range of financial tools. Fully integrated into the Dealer Portal, you have access to flexible invoicing options, full credit control, fraud management and automated credit-chaser processes. Alongside the most competitive cost price file in the industry, we ensure that you have full control of your finances and maximise your profitability.


Real time fully integrated reporting

Get access to an extensive array of reporting options. Our advanced commercial and customer reporting suite can be accessed whenever and from wherever you require using real-time data. Plus, with a team of data analysts available to help analyse trends and opportunities for growth, you really have everything you need to grow your business.

What are the key features?

Build customer contact strategies and marketing campaigns using our bespoke customer CRM analysis

Identify and benchmark customer buying patterns to identify new sales opportunities

Monitor and analyse key sales metrics, with system generated actions to help address customers that are underperforming

Work with our design teams or manage your website directly through the Dealer Portal to fully merchandise your shop window

Complete management of all customer invoices and statements, with flexible options to meet your customer needs

Multi layered Cost Centre and Approval account setups, ensuring you can support large complex customer structures

Gain full visibility of customer queries, with full supplier & customer service integration

Real-time accounting gives you the information you need, when you need it, as soon as a transaction is complete

Increase your competitiveness by focusing on customer segments with the most potential and biggest return on investment

Stay in control anytime anywhere with access across multiple devices

Full flexibility of user permissions and access to data across your team members

Easy to use multi layered pricing tools that will help you optimise your pricing strategy

Offer customer specific promotions, free gifts, eCoupons and marketing strategies to grow your revenue

Maximise the effectiveness of the supply chain with full visibility of pricing and stock management

Fully integrated reporting suite with access to product, customer and financial data

Find out more about the Power Portal

Watch this video to find out what the Power Portal is and how it can help you identify new opportunities for growth and maximise your returns. Some of the key features discussed in the video include dealer dashboards, CRM and marketing tools, pricing and financial tools and much more. Watch this video to find out more.

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